What We Do

What We Do


SoliDesign is a truly adaptive design and engineering group — our clientele includes small businesses and Fortune 500 corporations. We are very comfortable working either independently on a project, or collaborating with your existing design and engineering departments. Increasing your company's engineering bandwidth when needed is our strong suit — being able to bring a fresh perspective to improve and streamline any Design and Engineering project.

Discovery Phase
During discovery, we'll familiarize ourselves with your project goals and parameters, while researching industry design and material trends. We'll use that analysis to prepare a plan that incorporates not only cutting edge design and functionality, but adherence to a production budget. The result is a clear vision moving forward through design and manufacturing.

Design and Engineering
Using the information gathered during discovery, we'll produce initial sketches for client presentation. Pending approval, we will fine tune those initial concepts in a multi-step process that let's the client oversee progress. Our design process adheres to DFM standards, ensuring that any part, product or system is designed to be easily produceable.

Modeling and Functional Prototyping
3D modeling and prototypes allow assessments of functionality and assembly, as well as comprehensive insights into how a part or product will look. We have a 3D printer in house for simple prototyping with rapid turnaround, and also maintain relationships with companies who specialize in prototyping services for more complex solutions.

Manufacturable Documentation
Technical drawings are generated in SolidWorks, an industry standard for all parts and assemblies. Artwork files are also provided for finishing work and graphic applications. Clear, precise documentation ensures a seamless transition from design to production. We know what files and formats manufacturers need to do their job. As with all phases of our involvement, attentive customer service ensures that if there are questions, we'll be there to help.

Production Capabilities
Regardless of your production requirements, we have the capabilities and relationships to oversee production services, providing a truly "turnkey" process. Our understanding of precision sheet metal, machining and plastic injection molding means our capabilities translate into real world applications.